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  1. A

    File format for new backup disk + backup strategy

    Hi all, 1. As part of a much-needed project to rationalise my backup strategy, I purchased a new 2TB EHD (spinner) and am preparing to use it to back up my iMac (2019 21.5" Retina 4K w/ 1 TB Fusion Drive, running Mojave 10.14.6). I have been avoiding upgrading to Catalina (have read the...
  2. usagora

    Time Machine - "Encrypt backups" option when disk is already encrypted?

    I'm wanting to take the HDD I used for Time Machine backups with my 2012 iMac and use it now for Time Machine backups on my 2019 iMac. Both my internal SSD and two external HDDs (including the one I'm wanting to use for Time Machine) are encrypted. But when I go to System Preferences > Time...
  3. R

    Time Machine backups - no permission

    Using Catalina, I'm trying to open old files from a Time Machine backup on an external drive. But all my old files are permissions protected. For future backups, how can I set it by default so this doesn't keep happening?
  4. B

    Trash - Time Machine backups

    I have Time Machine backing up to an external HD. The HD was filling up so I highlighted some old Backups and moved them to Trash. Now they are "stuck" in Trash. I cannot empty the Trash. Help?
  5. A

    Problem backing up to Time Machine

    My last successful backup to my external Time Machine hard drive was on 27 January. Message says: 'Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “Time Machine 1”'in bold followed by "Time Machine could not create a local snapshot to back up from". I have tried deleting earlier backups to...
  6. krs

    Some SD Backups not showing up

    I'm trying to get my head around this.... I have a few backups of my Mini done with SuperDuper. Two are on partitions on a 8TB Seagate USB 3 external that requires an external power supply and two are on a 2TB USB 3 external portable powered via the USB 3 cable. I don't think powering makes any...
  7. S

    Backup advice for iTunes library

    SWMBO and I were having a discussion over dinner tonight when she mentioned having to re-download some of our Audible content thand had gotten borked due to some precious account issues. That reminded me of an issue I had a few years ago where some content puchased from the iTunes couldn't be...
  8. W

    Trying to Delete Backups with TMUTIL

    I have been using an external Time Machine USB Disk to backup both an older El Capitan drive and a newer larger High Sierra drive in my Mac Pro. Recently the El Capitan drive failed. I no longer need to boot up in El Capitan and I’m trying the recover the space its backups are taking up on my...