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Thread: DTP options

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    DTP options
    On my old WINDOWS machine I could create a three/fold brochure type document.
    I have KEYNOTE and PAGES on my iMAC but cannot find any way to get such format.
    Is there anything or options generally available or do I need to purchase a "Publisher" type software? This is not a regular need so I do not want expensive software.

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    DTP options
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    If you look in Pages, in Choose a Template, under Miscellaneous, they have Elegant or Museum Brochure options, that are set up in the tri-fold template, would that work for your needs?
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    DTP options
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    And besides what Bob suggested above, the Mac App Store has several free Pages template bundles you can download. Lots of Tri-Fold templates included. No need to purchase a desktop publishing app.

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    That is really helpful, thank you both.
    I had not found the template chooser before and I think that the brochure options on there will fill my need.
    Very grateful, as ever.

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