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    Toast Titanium 17 Troubleshooting
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    Charles, welcome to Mac Forums.

    You probably read of my similar issues with Toast 17 above. I am glad I still own Toast 11 as that works great for conversion before burning. When I got the refund from Corel on Toast 17 I bought Wondershare DVD Creator as it looked good on paper. Only issue with it is like Burn, no Chapter markers. I wrote them and was assured that would soon be added but it's been 1 year and still no update. Sad. I just hope Toast 11 continues to work on future versions of Mac OS.

    Happy New Year to you.

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    Toast Titanium 17 Troubleshooting
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    I burned a disk of my Mother's photos for her funereal and family members several years ago, complete with Chapter markers, so I just did a quick Google search for 'mac dvd Chapter markers' and was surprised to see the feature seems to have been dropped in a lot of the related software but at least I was relieved to see they are still available using some software.

    One apple discussion site had some good suggestions that were still working in 2017 so I guess there's still a bit of Hope left at the end of the tunnel that the feature hasn't died out completely:


    And Harry and some other Aussies are already celebrating the New Year. But then again, he always said he was always well ahead of the crowd.

    No doubt getting the Barby or BBQ pit ready to cook the New Year's Day meal or at least a bangers and eggs breakfast.

    - Patrick
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    Toast Titanium 17 Troubleshooting

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    Thanks Dennis. Yes your input didn't go unnoticed and in all honesty was going to get around to acknowledging you. I'm definitely going to explore the possibility of a refund. In part at least. It gets complicated in light of the fact that I still need Toast and yet, crazy ironic, need your earlier version of 11. I won't even attempt to look into how to go about that without delving into the world of piracy and the dark web. Something I'd rather not discuss on this open platform. Wishing you a very happy New Year and many happy returns.

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