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    url addition
    Have found short sequence &as_qdr=y15 that is entered after url on google search,it brings up most current entry on the chosen subject ( instead of getting information that is 6 or 7 years old) question is how to load into computer to not have to type in each time.......any experience with this ??

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    url addition
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    Well, assuming it actually works, you could make a keyboard shortcut for it. System Preferences, Keyboard, Text and click the "+" to enter the keystroke and replacement.

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    Why not just use Google's built-in time filter? Just click on Tools and then select the time filter you want:

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    You should not rely on URL parameters (which is what they are called) outside of any UI that is available for you to control. Those parameter names, values and so on can and do change over time as appropriate.

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