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    Cloud storage - Dropbox / iCloud / backup for switcher
    Hi, I've just partially switched from Windows to Mac - I have a work Windows Laptop and I've just bought a new MacBook that I want to use more flexibly when I travel, go to meetings, etc. Up to now, on my work laptop, I have been using Dropbox to keep my files up to date, along with using SyncToy to regularly back files up to an external hard-drive.

    I'm self-employed, and I'd like to have some work files backed up so that I can work from my MacBook where I am and keep my old laptop at home. I'm not necessarily looking to share all files (just a few folders, but so far, it's several GBs). I'd also like to ensure I have a good strategy for keeping my files backed up.

    Possible ideas I'm thinking off is to migrate over to iCloud, and install iCloud for Windows. Alternatively, I could install dropbox on my MacBook. I still need to find a way to keep files backed up to an external drive at the same time, so to find the Mac equivalent to SyncToy.

    Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks a lot.

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    Cloud storage - Dropbox / iCloud / backup for switcher
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    I use Dropbox to do what you are looking for in the sharing area. I don't have any Windows machines, but I have shared folders in DB with Windows users and it works well. The nice thing about DB is that all I have to do is put the file into the DB folder on my Mac and it automatically syncs up to the web version.

    I'm not familiar with SyncToy, but Chronosync is a good syncing software solution for the Mac. And you could also use Time Machine (free, and it is already on your Mac) or a cloner like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper! to do that as well.

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