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    Given the updates this week...Macbook Air or Macbook Pro (with no touchbar)
    I am purchasing a new laptop... I was leaning toward the Macbook Pro (no touch bar), but given the updates that came out earlier this week, I'm wondering if I should consider the updated Macbook Air instead. Thoughts? My primary function is photo editing. I do a little video editing as well. Cost is an issue - or obviously I'd go with the Macbook Pro with the touch bar.

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    MBA is NOT good for Photo/Video editing or any real work. It's best for casual web browsing, watching videos and social media. For anything serious, you'll want to stick with the MBP line. Based on your budget, buy the highest spec'ed machine can afford.
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    Thanks so much for your reply... Follow-up question: When I spoke with apple support, the rep. said that her recommendation would be to go with MBA - but pay the $200 upgrade to go from 8 to 16 GB memory (256 GB storage). That would make them essentially the same price if I went with the Pro with only 8GB memory (256 GB storage). Does that change your opinion?

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    Given the updates this week...Macbook Air or Macbook Pro (with no touchbar)
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    Agree with Ashwin unless you need the portability. An iMac from Apple Refurbs. A 4GHz i7 with say 24GB of memory for photo editing and more importantly video editing.
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    Portability IS an issue. I need it to be a laptop, rather that desktop.

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    Knowing what your budget is would help refine our answers. For photo/video editing, you'll want lots of memory, ideally a quad-core CPU and a good GPU. The dual-cores are OK but will be easily overwhelmed with a lot of processing work.

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    My goal is to keep total costs under $2000. I know that in addition to the laptop itself, I will have the procare costs as well as adapters for the new ports.

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    If you don't want the Touch Bar, then I would suggest this Refurbished 13" MBP that will run you $1439 and leave you a bunch of any accessories (including AppleCare) that you might want to get. The beauty of going refurbished is that you get the same warranty as buying brand new.

    The one thing I would highly recommend, regardless of you buying new or refurbished is to spend the days immediately after purchase to try out all of your normal use cases and ensure that the machine fits your needs. If it doesn't and you know that within the 14 days, you can return the machine for a full refund. Go beyond that and you'll have to keep the machine or sell it for cheaper price to get a different one.

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    OK. You have convinced me that Macbook Pro is the way to go. Now...for which one. When doing a lot of photo editing (amateur), is it more important to have the quad-core processor and less memory or more memory and the dual-core processor? Speed / avoidance of death wheel are priorities.

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