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    safary was hyjacked by playsearchnow
    I am trying to delete playsearchnow from Safary, I can not find the file or any that seem strange in application or library.

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    safary was hyjacked by playsearchnow
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    If you know the proper name, or parts of it, of what you are looking for and how to spell them exactly, Find Any (FAF) should be able to find it for you and you can download it from here:
    Thomas Tempelmann - Find Any File

    I don't know what playsearchnow is or what that does but if it's malware, then you may just need another Application:

    If these don't work, Post back with more details.

    PS: Just a quick google search on "playsearchnow" shows lots of sites and they start off with several hits as to how to remove it:

    Google and most web searches can be your friend. Learn how to use them. You will be glad you did.

    PPS: Try these:

    - Patrick
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