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    Hi there Daniel; I did create a profile. I'll try the radio on/off trick. I think your e-mail mentioned it to me but I just spaced it! I have tried clicking on the profile and hitting activate, that didn't work.

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    everything he said was spot on. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting to have to go into my network preferences and type in a bunch of numbers but once the driver was installed, it was all set up. I just had to launch the USB Utility, select my network, and type my password. easy as cake. and cake is easy. Thanks a lot

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    Thank you
    I followed all of your steps that you gave me in the email and it worked perfectly!!! I am surfing the internet on the belkin adapter as we speak!

    ha this may seem odd but if you would like to know i have successfully installed these drivers on a hackintosh, dell xps 410.

    Thank you very much!!!

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    Just like the other forum members...

    I've been looking a wireless N USB adapter for my PowerBook G4 for a while.

    I came across this post and starting reading it.
    I couldn't believe how simple a solution Daniel created for us.

    I was weary at first, thinking I wouldn't be able to get this solution to work, but I did!

    Follow Daniel's directions and he'll help you get surfing on the internet.
    Got mine for a cheap price off of Amazon.

    The only hiccup I ran into was something I forgot to do on my end...create a "Location" profile on my PowerBook that pointed to the newly created Ethernet Adaptor (en3 in my case). When creating the profile, make sure the correct ethernet adaptor is the only one checked.

    Thanks again Daniel!

    Here's my specifics:

    Laptop: PowerBook G4
    OS: Tiger 10.4.11
    Router: Netgear WNR3500
    Authentication: WPA2-PSK
    Encryption: AES

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    Hello Everyone,
    I've now helped hundreds of people from all over the world get the Belkin F5D 8053 Wireless N USB Adapter working on their Macs. Out of those hundreds I've only received requests for Jaguar drivers twice. I don't have Jaguar drivers. Sorry
    I think I posted the requirements for the adapter earlier in this thread but I thought I'd post them again. The requirements for you to run this 802.11 N wireless adapter on your Mac are that you must be running Panther Tiger or Leopard and have an available USB 2.0 slot on your Mac. Then you can use one of the Belkin F5D 8053 Wireless N USB adapters on your Mac. I thought supporting three operating systems was good, but it seems no matter how far back you go someone gets left behind and for that I am sorry.
    Daniel aka totallybonkers

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    Thanks for the drivers
    first revision macbook pro without wireless n / now works great / time machine backups work much faster now!

    Thanks for your thread and quick ressponse!

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    Working really great. Thanks Totallybonkers!
    Hi! I just installed those drivers from Totallybonkers and it works great! At first, it didn't work on an iMac MB325LLA. So I tried it on a MB323LL/A and it worked great. Maybe the problem for the MB325LL/A was that I didn't correctly uninstall the drivers from Ralink Technology (which I thought should work since it is for the same chipset) or "maybe" because I just directly plug the dongle without the cradle/usb cable extension, but afterwards it worked only with the dongle.

    I also tested it on a Hackintosh with Kalyway 10.5.2 and it works. So that Belkin USB dongle is a really nice alternative for those with laptops that OSx can't see the integrated wireless card and for those like HP, Compaq, IBM (maybe Lenovo too) that you can't change the wifi card because the motherboard won't recognize it.

    Huge thanks to Totallybonkers!

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    Thumbs up Thanks for your Help!
    I emailed Totallybonkers with my Product and vendor ID for the belkin I was using, and he sent the drivers the same day. Everything works great! I'm up and runnin'! Thanks again for you help...

    iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo - OSX 10.5.3


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    Smile it's magic
    Thanks Daniel for getting back to me so quickly!

    Works like a charm on my Mac Pro. I had to unplug/plug it after rebooting the last time, but I don't have to do that terribly often - not a big deal. It seems easier for me to just have it plugged into the front USB port and do it manually, rather than open up the utility and going that route.


    Mac Pro (early 2008)
    2.8 GHz

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    Just installed the Belkin FD 8053 on G4 Tower
    I just installed the driver that I received from "Totallybonkers" and everything has worked perfectly. After I got the driver from him within 2 hours of asking for it, I installed it and was up and running within 10 minutes.

    I have a G4 Tower (Quicksilver) this is the model with 733 MHZ, and am running 10.4.11.

    If anyone needs this driver, do not hesitate to ask this user for it he is more than willing to help.

    Thanks again TotallyBonkers!

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    Dear Daniel
    After I had installed the drive. USB dongle doesn't working. I saw 2870 series drivers instead 2770 series as you mention in page one. The wireless utility show no device. Help me please!!
    Note. My mac is 10.5.4.

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    Installed Daniel's custom driver on my 10.5.4 MSI Wind, and my Belkin is working flawlessly.

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    Hi all
    Now My Mac mini is working. I had to reinstall fresh OSX 10.5 again. However, I wonder why I have to plug in again after reboot everytime.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Daniel. I'm gonna test the driver right away.

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    Mission Accomplished
    This thread was a life saver. Daniel/Totallybonkers was quite helpful and is still helping out, in case anyone needs help.

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