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    Mojave and Onyx compatibilty
    Hi, just purchased a 2016 13" MBP running Mojave. My old 2011 MBP was running High Sierra before the GPU failure which caused me to purchase a newer model MBP. I was using Onyx as a maintenance app to clean things up on the 2011. I know that the version of Onyx for High Sierra differs than that for Mojave. In reading up on the subject I came across articles about possible system issues if installing the Onyx software for Mojave. Are there any ? Can I safely download Onyx for Mojave without experiencing any system issues on my machine. Should I install Onyx ? Would appreciate any insight on the subject. I also have and run Malwarebytes as well.
    Thanks for any and all replies in advance.

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    I have Onyx installed under Mojave and have not experienced any issues. Make sure that you have the correct version though. Each time there is a major change to the OS (Sierra, Hitgh Sierra, etc.) a new version of Onyx is reeleased specifically for that OS.
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    As Slydude states, make sure you download and install the proper version for Mojave. Even if you were to mistakenly download the wrong version, it will warn you and not run. As far as I'm aware, the current version of Malwarebytes works with Mojave so you do not need to upgrade that.

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