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    Bad battery or whats the problem - iPhone 6+
    So I have an old iPhone 6+ 128 GB which I want to start using again instead of my current iPhone 6s 16Gb due to the bigger screen and bigger memory.
    But I noticed that when the phone is used it can suddenly turn off or the battery percentage drops from lets say 80% to 10% in one go. When the phone turns itself off it cant be turned on for a little while, but after waiting a while and turn it on again it shows the high percentage that it was on before it turned itself off.

    This does not happen in standby mode, in standby mode it has a pretty normal battery time I think. But it happens mainly when using the phone for power hungry things, like phone calls, GPS guiding or listening to music etc.

    So I wanted to ask if this can only be the battery or if the actual phone can have some problems?

    Coconut battery software shows 73% battery health and 526 charge cycles. But the thing is that my iPhone 6s has about the same battery health and number of charge cycles and are not acting the way the iPhone 6+ does.

    The 6+ also has a broken screen so I dont want to buy a new screen and a new battery unless im pretty confident that its the battery thats the problem and that a new battery will solve this problem.

    Any thoughts on possible culprits for this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUse-R View Post
    So I have an old iPhone 6+ 128 GB which I want to start using again...
    When you say "old iPhone 6+" (that sounds like it hasn't been used in a while). If this is true...was this iPhone 6+ sitting in a drawer somewhere not charged? If so...not being charged for a while may not be good.

    As a personal example. I have/had an iPhone 5 that displayed similar behavior. It had a similar battery cycle count as yours...and like yours...when it hit a certain battery % (let's say around 60%)...the battery % would suddenly drop like a stone to like 15%. I replaced the battery...and all was fine again.

    Unlike Apple laptop/notebook computers which Apple says we should be able to get around 1000 battery cycles before they start to degrade...expected iPhone battery cycle count is only around 500 cycles (I've seen some articles mention 300-500 cycles).

    My best guess is your iPhone 6+ needs a new battery.


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    Thanks for your reply. Yes it has been unused for a pretty long time, but it started happen when I was using it regularly just before I switched to my other phone.

    To me it sounds like the battery, but was thinking if there could be a phone problem that causes this kind of behaviour, not that I know what that actual phone problem would be that causes this kind off battery drops and shutoffs?

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    Apple had a battery replacement program for those iPhones, but it ended the end of 2018.
    -- Bob --
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    I had the same issue with my husbands iPhone 7. Took it in and the battery was swollen - which I could not see until the genius showed me how the screen was slightly pushed up. New battery was what it needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrarr View Post
    Apple had a battery replacement program for those iPhones, but it ended the end of 2018.

    Hmmm... I thought of mentioning that item but didn't want to rub any salt into any wound so to say...

    - Patrick

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    Apple will still replace the battery in an iPhone 6+ but it won't be at the discounted price of $29.00. The regular price to replace a battery out of warranty is $79.00. If you're handy, just buy the battery replacement kit from and do it yourself. Save $$.

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    And if I remember it correctly Apple does not change the battery on a iPhone that has a broken screen without also changing the screen at the same time?
    And there is no chance that I pay the Apple prices for a new screen and to get it swapped.

    I can order a new battery and a new screen (not original) for a total of 45 USD and hopefully change them myself, I have done it a couple of times before.
    When deciding how much money to spend on the old iPhone 6+ I must look at how much the phone is worth today, I dont want to spend too much money on an old phone, especially if im not pretty confident it will fix the problem.

    Anyway, I guess I order a new screen and a new battery for the 6+.

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