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    Question “You Won” pop ups malware
    I tried doing a search for this on the forum using every combination of words I can think of and couldn’t find a thread, which surprises me. I’ve always been able to find everything I need on this forum so thank you for that.

    I have searched everywhere online to find out how to remove these pop-up “you won” such and such. It happens almost every single time I am on Facebook whether it is my iPad or my iPhone.

    I have even tried to find the information via Facebook and end up in a circular goose hunt that gets me nowhere.

    Does anyone know how to remove this malware from my iPhone and my iPad or what would be the best application to install?

    I’m at wits ends... lol. Thank you.

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    I’m at wits ends... lol. Thank you.

    I'd start by downloading and running MALWAREBYTES FOR

    And no, you don't have to pay for it after its trial if you don't mind running it manually.

    But if it's just happening with FB, then it's probably got something loading. There are some app that can modify that and your search skills can likely find some.

    Like this:
    Stop "you've won!" Pop ups

    - Patrick

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    Thank you very much for your reply. That Malwarebytes doesn’t appear to have a version for iPad or iPhone. At least not that I could find.

    And I have been all over that Facebook help page and it talks about how to spot malware... and even says it has links to apps to help/scan, but those links are also nowhere to be found, like I said a circular wild goose hunt...

    I can’t believe more people don’t have problems... although you would think by the number of requests on the Facebook help page that people are but I find no solutions ..

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    Is it only occuring when you use the Facebook app with your iPad or iPhone? If it is, get rid of (delete) the Facebook app on both your iPad and iPhone and only use Safari to access Facebook. Most people in the know say not to use the Facebook app and only use a web browser to access Facebook as it is safer.

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    Good idea... will try it. Thank you...

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    Facebook online and Facebook is the app are very very different. I don’t care for the online version but I was trying it for a while when I got the same idea of deleting and re-install. It’s seem to work for a short while And now pop ups are back. I must have a malware hiding somewhere, but as of yet I have not found a program to scan and clean for iPhone and iPad.

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