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    is it a virus or hardware?
    hello. i have a client who is a law attorney. she opened up one word file, and seemed every word file she had opened one after another, then a mac window popped up saying "microsoft word needs to download the font 'osaka'." she did not click on the "download" choice.

    she closed all the files and say things are working fine now.

    virus? software? hardware? i think that narrows it down . what would be the workflow for this repair, pls?


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    is it a virus or hardware?
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    Hi berbes. Nice to hear from you.

    First off, it's not a virus as none exist in the wild for Macs; nor do they behave in this way.

    As "things are working fine now", there is even less to worry about.

    May I suggest two things:

    1. Download Malwarebytes app from and by all means accept the 30 day free trial, but don't pay now or after as the standalone version is free. Install in the usual way and run it. It will detect and remove any malware which could have been involved.

    2. Download OnyX from Vital that you select the version specific to your operating system. Install, and run the app, choosing the Automation tab and using the defaults.

    This will check your system and repair any issues.

    These two suggestions, frequently endorsed & recommended on these Forums are for your peace of mind.

    No further action is likely to be needed.


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    With Preview, if you open up a bunch of PDFs and images and then don't close them manually but just quit the application with CMD+q, the next time you open Preview, it will re-open all the previously opened files. I wonder if Word is doing something similar.

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    is it a virus or hardware?
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    Is there any chance she inadvertently selected a whole bunch of files and clicked open? I have done that before and while it is fun to watch them all popping open it is annoying.

    Also unless she has a document written in Japanese, I would wonder about the request to download osaka. That alone would make me follow Ian's excellent advice just to be safe.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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    what GREAT ideas and questions. i will definitely follow thru on your suggestions, ian, lisa (i just did that myself!) and of course, razor.


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    is it a virus or hardware?
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    then a mac window popped up saying "microsoft word needs to download the font 'osaka'.
    The 'osaka' font is a normal Mac OS X installed font, but in the usual System/Fonts folder.

    I'm not sure how MS Word accesses it rather than its own font library.

    When opening one of my documents in Word 2011 on MacOS 10.12.3, I'm asked to download a series of fonts including: STHeiti and Osaka.

    Fonts available for download in macOS Sierra
    To download and enable any of these fonts: (osaka font is included)
    Open Font Book from your Applications folder.
    Select the font to download. Fonts available for download appear dimmed in the list of fonts.
    Click the Download button in the upper-right corner of the window, or choose Edit > Download.

    Hmmm… learn something new every day…

    - Patrick
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    is it a virus or hardware?
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    The Osaka font is a mixture of Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanjii for the Japanese language and has been included with macOS for some time. The STHeiti font is for the Chinese language. The Osaka font is included in the Microsoft font folder but not the STHeiti. However, there are numerous other Asian fonts included which are probably used instead when switching languages in MS Office.

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