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    ipad air browser hijacked
    while browsing in chrome on my ipad air i apparently picked up a virus that freezes the chrome page and says due to a third party app ios needs to be optimized and provides a phone number to fix 1 844 792 4244. how can i get rid of this thing?

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    ipad air browser hijacked
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    Most likely what you've encountered is "ransomware" (happens on laptop & desktop computers as well). This is when you get stuck on a page like you have…you call the 800 number…you pay them money…and they supposibily "fix" the problem (which they don't since you don't have a problem to fix). Thus you are giving money to someone for doing nothing. And if they get access to your iPad…then they could do all sorts of identity theft things.

    What you want to do it is…turn off the WiFi or cellular you are using with the iPad. Quit the app you are having a problem with. Relaunch the app with WiFi still off. Once loaded the problem pages should disappear. Now you can turn WiFi or cellular back on.

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    ipad air browser hijacked
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    .... and stop visiting that website off course :-)

    Cheers ... McBie
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    And this is NOT A VIRUS!!

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    ipad air browser hijacked
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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    And this is NOT A VIRUS!!
    Thread title changed
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    It worked; thank you

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