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    Mac Bundles
    I usually keep an eye on Mac bundles that allows me to get a bunch of nice apps for very cheap price.

    Bundlehunt has one such bundle that can be unlocked for $5 and then you get access to a bunch of pretty nice and expensive apps for just a couple of bucks. The apps that stood out from the list at IMazing for $7, Disk Drill Pro for $3, ScreenFocus for $1 and TeaCode for $3, Roxio Toast for $3.

    There are a bunch of photo/image editing apps that might be of interest to some.

    I know we recommend IMazing to manage your iPhone and that app normally goes for $50, so even if just grab that one, the bundle price will be $12 which is over 76% of the retail price. Add other apps to make this a even better deal.

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    Mac Bundles
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    Thanks Ashwin.

    Need to burn Audio CDs and Toast Express will be more up to date than my old Toast Titanium 11.
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    Mac Bundles
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    Well, Ashwin, I look up to you as a guru, so my modest suggestions have to be seen in context:

    I have had Roxio Toast Titanium since version 10 and the current version is 17 which I think is the first version to run 64bit - all previous versions were 32bit. So, first comment, check the version because I know from your other posts that you are running macOS Mojave and that is the last OS to allow 32bit.

    And the price. Roxio does special sales and offers as they all do; but even then you're talking £50 or more.

    iMazing - another fabulous app, in my view, runs in around £35 for the FULL version.

    I know you are taking USD which would take the numbers higher.

    Disk Drill Pro - great app - currently $89 plus $29 for lifetime upgrades.

    The other apps I don't know or have.

    What I would say is:

    Check the version of each app on the list.
    Check if 32bit or 64bit.
    Check warranty and/or app support.

    It's a great, if not fabulous, deal; but is the source site okay and are the apps the genuine article?

    Maybe I'm over cautious, but I worry about outdated apps, non-existent support and what other little bits are added in there that might compromise my Mac.

    Greater and less suspicious minds may suggest a different approach.


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    Mac Bundles
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    You do have to be careful with the Macworld Bundlehunt deals.

    An example: I purchased some apps during another bundlehunt deal some time ago. One of those apps was CrossOver which I use to run a Windows program. I found out after purchase that the license was only a temporary one and in order to upgrade, I had to pay again. The wise thing to do as Ian has recommended is make sure you're getting the fully licensed app and not one that has been crippled.

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    Ian, I've used Bundlehunt before and the apps are all downloaded from the vendors themselves and then you get an email with the license key. You have to look at each app to see what their licensing is. Most have one license for as many machines you want, but some are limited to 2-3 machines.

    These are all full applications, not evaluations or trial copies. I've bought bundles with a couple of other sites and they've all been great.

    Personally, I have no use for Roxio since I don't burn anything, I'm embracing the full digital life.

    I haven't upgraded to Mojave yet. My home iMac (2009) is too old for it and my 2018 MBP is my work machine and we are waiting for support from a couple of vendors before we can upgrade. Likely will upgrade by the end of the year though.
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