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    Hi i have the early 2008 macbook pro
    Hi i have the early 2008 macbook pro and i bought windows vista ultimate b/c thats the only legal version of vista you can have on mac but besides the point i lost my mac leopard disc 1 that has all the drivers what do i do now how can i get my mac drivers will this program driver genius find them all?? HELP

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    Hi i have the early 2008 macbook pro
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    Who told you that Ultimate was the only legal version of Windows you could run on a Mac?

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    Hi i have the early 2008 macbook pro
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    Yea you can use any version of Vista on Bootcamp, i wouldn't recommend any, but that's up to you. XP all the way! But if you just go onto Apple's website and search for Bootcamp 2.1 drivers, you'll get the entire package, and drag it over to Windows or a flash drive, and install it from there. How could you lose your Leopard discs though, that's bad.

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