I have a macbook Pro I use for my main computer and recently received a Dansrue mp3 player.

I can transfer music to my Dansrue MP3 Player using my mac, however I cannot create, edit or manage playlists on the Dansrue using my mac. Can someone post some ideas on how I can manage playlists on the Dansrue and my iPhone?
My current resources are: Macbook pro, iPhone, Dansrue MP3 player, 250 GB usb powered external hard drive, Sony PS3, Linksys wrt 1200AC router flashed for Express VPN.

Some options I've considered are:

Building a playlist by editing the music genre of the songs in iTunes. Then I could play the songs by "music genre" in the Dansrue. For example, if I wanted a playlist for working out my the Snoop songs and Meticallica songs I would want on it would have music genre of "workout" instead of hip-hop and metal, respectively. I don't like this option because then I would need to duplicate songs and change the genre for each playlist I wanted to add them to.
My second option is to copy my music onto my old Windows laptop and manage the playlists using Windows Media player. My problem is I would have to regularly copy music to my windows machine and manually recreate playlists. Additionally this system is very slow so I might have to install a very light version of Linux on it and using a Linux app to perform this function.
Any other thoughts?