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    Buying a HomePod?
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    Buying a HomePod?
    Hi All -

    I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on the HomePod. I will be using it for contacts, reminders, searching the net, and my iTunes Library. Does that make sense?

    Also, how does it compare to the other brand devices such as Amazon's Alexa?

    Thank you -


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    Buying a HomePod?
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    In my opinion, it's overpriced. But to be honest, I have no experience with a HomePod. It has received very good reviews from Macworld and MacLife magazines.

    The Amazon Alexa has been on sale lately. You probably would need to try both out before making a decision. Now that the Xmas rush is over, Apple Stores should be a little less crowded.

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    Buying a HomePod?
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    My mac club recently had one of our members do a demo comparing the HomePod, Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

    Basically he felt HomePod lacked in services (integration with other products etc.) when compared to the Echo and Google Home. He did feel that Apple was less intrusive and more respectful of personal information so the HomePod was a more secure device. Also he felt the Echo had the best integration with other devices and had the best performance and features. Runner up was the Google Home.

    We actually had all three hooked up and running and were able to test them. Definitely the Echo was the fastest and most responsive. Apple came late to the party with the HomePod and has not been letting other devices integrate with it - like a smart tv. Where as the Amazon Echo integrates with other devices easily.

    My daughter has Amazon Echo devices all through the house. She loves them.

    That is all I know!

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    Buying a HomePod?
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    Great info there Lisa...thanks.

    - Nick
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    Buying a HomePod?
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    Agree with all Lisa posted above. I will add a few things I have heard also.

    I think of all of them the Apple Home Pod probably has the best sound overall, but like Lisa said it's lacking on a lot of Device support. I think that will come with time.

    The Amazon Echo is to me the best overall in features, device support and does not sound bad at all. I own an Echo and an Echo Dot. If you want mostly Music playback though I would take the Apple as most reviews I have read say it sounds great.

    There are a few reasons I do not like the Google device but one I won't mention here as to not cause a war! Grin

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