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    Upgrading 30" Cinema Display
    I need to buy a new color accurate monitor. Iím a graphic designer thatís been in business for a long time and Iíve procrastinated replacing my dinosaur 30" Cinema Display for far too long. This thing just will not die! (Purchasing a macbook pro 2018 is mostly prompting this update.) I realize there have been huge advancements in clarity, color, and resolution since I last bought my monitor over 10 years ago. I was hoping to find something a little larger than the cinema display, but it seems like anything larger than 32" ends up being a curved display. I donít feel a curved display is going to work for me. The Dell Ultrasharp 32" seems nice, but are there others that I am missing? I hear Apple will be coming out with a new display in 2019, but who knows, itís hard to depend on just rumors and Apple often makes their displays glossy, and I hate glossy! Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

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    The Dell monitors are quite well regarded. A lot of photography people also speak highly of BenQ monitors, so check that out as well. As far as I know Apple has decided to get out of the peripheral business from monitors to routers. They are focusing purely on the phones, watch and Macs.

    LG UltraFine monitors is with Apple collaborated on with the launch of the current gen Macs

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    Upgrading 30" Cinema Display
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    As Ashwin stated, Apple is out of the monitor business. They have been in cooperation with LG with their Ultra Fine series and probably will rely on LG and/or other manufacturers for any future products. Dell and BenQ are great choices as Ashwin pointed out.

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