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    External Monitor for MacBook Pro
    I need an external monitor for my Macbook Pro 2017. I'd rather take advantage of its usb-c port but these monitor are still rare to find in the market and sometimes more expensive. Any suggestion on models with different type of connection? Should work fine with an HDMI adapter?

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    External Monitor for MacBook Pro
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    Did you look for a, USB-C to whatever, adapter? HDMI? DVI? VGA?

    Edit: or a HUB?
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    Yes, to USB-C adapter to HDMI.. a Hub is also an option. I'd rather have a USB-C to USB-C but I'm not able to find this monitors for the moment where I live. I would like to know if USB-C to HDMI for example works fine and if so, which monitor is suggested.

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    There won't be USB-C monitors for a long time that isn't where the bulk the industry is. Monitors will have HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. Most recent monitors have dropped the VGA port. You will be completely find using a USB-C adapter or hub that gives you a HDMI connection. You can even go with a USB-C to HDMI cable if you want. I've run numerous monitors that way and they are fine.

    I currently use a Satechi USB-C hub with a HDMI, SD/mini-SD, 2 USB type A ports.

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