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    Matrox Dualhead Triplehead2go
    Has anybody here had any luck in having the matrox DP edition adapters work on High Sierra ?

    We can see the external monitors in system preferences, but on the matrox PowerDesk App they are not detected thus there is no display output. The latest version of the app and firmware has been installed.

    Thanks In Advance !

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    Matrox Dualhead Triplehead2go
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    Really not enough information to help with the problem. Make sure you're following the Matrox guidelines given here in their examples.

    Did the adapter work OK before you installed High Sierra or is it new to you and High Sierra? You might want to address the question regarding the Matrox Powerdesk App directly to Matrox support. I haven't dealt with Matrox for quite some time (back in my Windows days) but they were always responsive to support questions back then. I'm not even sure who owns them now.

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