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    Change size of Bootcamp partition?
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    Change size of Bootcamp partition?
    Is it possible to change the size of the Windows partition I created using Bootcamp? I know it is possible to do this by removing the partition and re-partitioning again with a smaller size for the Windows portion, but I want to try to not have to get rid of everything on my Windows boot and start over. I'm running the newest version of Mac OS X on a mid 2009 model MBP and I'm wanting to make the Windows partition smaller and the OS X side larger. When I partitioned the drive, I was a new PC to Mac convert and thought I was going to use Windows more than I do so I made the sizes about the same. Now I want more OS X HD space. Thanks.

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    Change size of Bootcamp partition?
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    Have not used this one myself, but CampTune is about the only recommendation I've seen as an alternative to starting over again.

    You might want to subscribe to their newsletter and special offers there. They've been offering that for $9.95 through the newsletter for this month.
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    Change size of Bootcamp partition?
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    +1 for CampTune. And stay away from the free WinClone as it's no longer being developed and has been known to fail causing a reinstall of Windows.

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