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Thread: CD Ripping

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    CD Ripping
    I have about 500 or more CD's that I want to rip for storage and streaming.

    In the past I used Mac iTunes and it ripped CD's as a unit with all the tracks and art work in one click playable in iTunes or streaming devices.

    Since iMac does not have optical drive I decided to try and use a highly reviewed app "Exact Audio Copy" on my Windows laptop to rip CD's to lossless audio .WAV or .FLAC.

    It worked but created all ripped CD tracks as each their own file, created a file for the art work, and a file for metadata.
    With 500 CD's this would be a big file mess. I wanted the CD ripped as itself.

    Does anyone know of a Ripping Application for Mac that will error check and process CD's to loseless files and create a CD package like iTunes used to do.

    Comments, Ideas?

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    CD Ripping
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    I believe VLC is capable of doing what you want:

    How to rip audio CDs with VLC

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    CD Ripping
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    iTunes is available for winOS as well,
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    CD Ripping
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    Wouldn't it be better to get a cheap USB optical drive for the iMac and just use iTunes like you used to? Or do I misunderstand and you don't have an iMac, just a PC?

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