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    Voice recorder software for journalist
    I am a journalist. I have a MBP late 2017 running High Sierra. I like to record interviews both live and on the phone for playback. Years ago I had an Olympus Voice Recorder that came with DSS software. When installed, I could play the recording, see a visual representation of where I was, and set tick marks at important places in the recording. While making the recording, I could make the tick mark with button on the recorder that would show up in the play back. Eventually the recorder died. Olympus no longer includes the software except with their high end, expensive models, which are more than I need. I now use a Sony. I can transfer the recordings to the computer and play them back with iTunes, but without the finer control I had before. I am also using a free app titled WavePad, which works better, but is a bit awkward to use and does not recognize the tick marks. All of the apps I find are designed for audio editing, hence their complexity or are for transcribing audio to text. I don't want to edit; I don't want to create a full text version; I just want to transcribe by ear and keyboard. Does anyone know of any apps that might fit my needs and is free or inexpensive.? Thanks.

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    Voice recorder software for journalist
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    Not sure just what it is you need, but if it is an audio editor you might take a look at Amadeus isn't free, but for what it does it is well worth the money. Another recording program that also isn't free but does a great job of recording any audio that passes through your system is called Piezo, price not bad and works very well.


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    Voice recorder software for journalist
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    MacOS Mojave has it built in.

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    Shortly after I made the original post, I contacted Olympus, and they sent me any updated version of their DSS 7.6 software at no cost even though I was not using an Olympus recorder. I put the macOS version on my laptop and the Windows version on the PC at work and all is well. I will see what Rod says in in Mojave as I recently upgraded to it. Thanks to all.


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