Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum and decided to help others as a first post. : )

I'm posting this as help for the Tascam Fireone audio/midi interface. The problem is that I have The new Snow Leopard 10.6 and there are no Tascam Fireone drivers for this operating system and Tascam isn't making any since the product in discontinued. After several hours of playing around with the current drivers and trying to get a guitar sound into my Mac, I thought that there was no hope. Here was the situation:

-The firewire indicator wasn't on on the tascam.
-However, my computer could clearly see the tascam in the control panels.
-i could not get a guitar sound into garageband.
-i could not get the volume meter on my sound card to recognize the tascam, although my computer knew that the tascam was operating off of the firewire cable.


So i played around the control panel settings and audio/midi interface settings (from the applications/utility/audiomidi interface) and nothing could get volume in.

At 1:30 AM I almost quit. Then I started snooping around the ableton software that came with the Tascam Fireone. I proceeded to download the newest version of ableton off of the link in the program. Note: this is the new version of ableton lite off of THEIR WEBSITE.

Then bam, miraculously, it made the firewire light turn on and and the volume meters on the Tascam were no longer there. Yay, sound! Nope, not yet. : ( At least the Tascam was talking to the computer...

Still no sound in garage band though.. hmmm.... I messed around with settings more in garageband and found out that the guitar has to be set to Stereo input (2), not mono like the garage band tutorial says to get sound. Just click on the guitar amp "edit" and select "stereo" and then monitor "on."

and rock on!

I nearly skipped for joy : )