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    Speeding up slo-mo.
    I inadvertently recorded a video in SLO-MO on my iPhone SE. Is there any way I can convert it to normal speed?


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    I suppose you could use a video editing software to speed it all up, but that might mess up any audio associated with the video. The slow motion isn't some software thing that you can tweak, the video itself was specifically recorded that way so that it plays in the intended fashion regardless of what video player is used.

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    Speeding up slo-mo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheddar-caveman View Post
    I inadvertently recorded a video in SLO-MO on my iPhone SE. Is there any way I can convert it to normal speed?


    As mentioned, I don't know what happens to any audio, but I do know that google or websearches can be your helpful friend.

    Using your own question I get:

    And just the first hit says:
    How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Regular Speed Video on iPhone

    If you don't find that one helps, check out some of the other websearch hits.

    - Patrick

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    Speeding up slo-mo.
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    You can also do it by importing the footage into Photos. When you play it, you can adjust which parts of the video are slo mo.

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    Thank you folks, most helpful.
    Lesson - search before you ask

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    Well that worked a treat!! Some loss of quality having to take it from Facebook rather than the original but watchable!

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