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    Question Customise menu bar icons.
    Hi guys.
    I'm looking to spice up Mojave a bit by adding colour to menu bar icons.
    Namely Wi-Fi and Battery icons (since I hide the rest using Bartender 3).
    I've navigated to System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras > > Contents > Resources , and found the following files:


    The problem is these files are Read-only. So I can open them in Illustrator and edit the colouring, but can't save and overwrite the files.
    Does anyone know how to alter permissions and make the files Read & Write? Attempting to alter permissions on the 'Get Info' window results in this error:
    "The operation canít be completed because you donít have the necessary permission."

    I'm assuming the fix is a Terminal command or something.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Knowing the risks and owning whatever you break.

    From the terminal, enter the following commands:
    cd /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/
    sudo chown 666 UPSCharged.pdf UPSCharging.pdf UPSEmpty.pdf UPSLevelBlack.pdf UPSLevelRed.pdf
    Make your changes and then in the same Terminal window
    sudo chown 644 UPSCharged.pdf UPSCharging.pdf UPSEmpty.pdf UPSLevelBlack.pdf UPSLevelRed.pdf
    The sudo command will ask you for your login password (presumably the account you login with has Admin privileges), enter it and the permissions will be changed. You can confirm both changes through Finder Get Info.

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    What I've done is disabled System Integrity Protection and changed permissions on the respective files and their parent folders.
    The colours have been changed but these changes do not appear on the menu bar icon. Will your terminal codes fix this?

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    Customise menu bar icons.
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    I can't answer your question about Terminal but did you reboot the Mac after making the changes? I don't know if that applies here but it often does for these types of changes.

    BTW I assume that you made a good backup before changing the files.

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    The terminal commands will not make any magic happen. You are assuming that these PDF files are indeed the ones displayed on the menu bar. If that were true, your changes would appear. I find it hard to believe that PDF files are used for this purpose since there are significantly lighter weight (and scalable) image formats for this purpose.

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    Well there's no other image files of any kind in the folder. Not sure where else to look

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    The resources are most likely not in a format that you can modify as they are likely embedded into something else. Possibly a sprite sheet or SVG with hard coded values directly in code (that's how I would do it).

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