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Thread: Changing Icons

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    Changing Icons
    I'm trying to change icons using this website-

    The files are .sit files, and I have opened them, but I can't get the icons to be changed. I am trying to copy and paste to the new icon in to the "get info" window (I am clicking the icon and then edit-paste), but instead I'm getting a white icon that say "ICNS". I was trying with different image files such as JPG, Unix Executable File, .icns

    What is wrong? I'm using the newest OSX

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    Changing Icons

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    see this

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    OK thanks,
    I'm having a weird problem right now-
    If I change the icon to a different one, it looks like I can't change it for any other icon.
    For example- if I copy-paste "icon a" to the folder, when I want to copy paste "icon b" to the same folder it would paste "icon a" instead, even if I change the icon to the default before trying to paste "icon b".

    Are you experiencing the same problem? Is there any way around it?

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