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    Question How can I place password protection on individual files?
    Title says it all. If not with the OS, can I do it through iWork for my iWork files?

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    How can I place password protection on individual files?
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    Read this... although a bit dated, has some good ideas.

    Ask OS X Daily: “How can I password protect a file?” - OS X Daily


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    How can I place password protection on individual files?
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    You could try this program:

    DashboardWidgets - Showcase

    or this one:

    steve dekorte - projects - shareware - crypt

    or this one.. probably best:

    Page sans titre click on the 'iCrypt' in the left navigation.


    jFileCrypt 0.21 - MacUpdate

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    Well, none of the items linked to me do the trick. Honestly, I love mac, but the fact that I can't password protect my files is pretty pathetic. I'll just have to utilize the windows emulation so I can use Office 07, you can encrypt your files with that easily.

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    How can I place password protection on individual files?
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    Or you can create container DMG images and encrypt them. That is what I do for my work stuff.
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    I'm a latecomer to the thread, stumbling my way here from a Google search. I found 3 of the linked solutions worked perfectly (DashCrypt, Crypt3, and jFileCrypt). Crypt3 gets my vote for combined simplicity with ability to shred original file, something the other two don't do.

    Crypt3 link

    I wonder why they didn't "do the trick" for muticere. Although it doesn't help with an iWork file, Microsoft Office for Mac will easily encrypt files.

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    This video explains how to password protect files on a Mac. You don't need any special programs. You use Disk Utilities.
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