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    Question Question on TM Backup
    I just completed my initial TM backup on an external HD. When I attempt to open an application on the external HD, I get the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred (error code - 10657)". This seems to be the case with all applications. However, I can open documents just fine.

    Can someone please help? Thank you.

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    Question on TM Backup

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    Angry Hi kitjv
    I am having the same problem with this error code 10657 but its only in iPhoto all other programs sem to be functioning ok but like you I can't back up via Time Machine and I am not having any success with anyone who can help, not even apple support!!!! So much for Macs not crashing (lol) please let me know if anyone replies to your post and I will do the same for you, Thanks Probo

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    Question on TM Backup
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    IF you google( error code 10657 on a mac) there is a different solution for both
    kitty and probo.

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    Everytime time machine backups a data into our external HD it saves it into a format that only Time machine can read. So if you enter Time machine and click on an application it will open however if you do it manually and went straight ahead to your backup file and opened a file or the app from there it is most likely that you will encounter this error.

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