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    iMessage "Your Message could not be sent"
    iMessage Version 12 - "Your Message could not be sent.

    I've been receiving this error pop up. I think, maybe, it's text messages I've sent to people who use Android phones. Yes?

    And is there a fix?

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    iMessage "Your Message could not be sent"
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    In Messages > Preferences, under iCloud, confirm your iPhone number is listed.

    It may help to provide what macOS version you’re using?
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    There is no "iCloud" in Preferences in iMessage. In Messages > Preferences > Messages tab > "You can be reached for messages at:" my phone number and email address boxes are checked "on". And, of course, Enable this account is checked "on".

    As I mentioned, the error does not appear with every sent text > it seems it only happens to people I know with Androids. Maybe?

    macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2

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    iMessage "Your Message could not be sent"
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    If you're sending a message to an Android and that device is off or can't be reached, you'll receive the "can't be sent error". When you send a message to an iPhone and the device is off or can't be reached, the message stays in the cloud until the device is turned on or can be reached. At least that has been my experience.

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    That makes sense. It's very possible, because my contact, who is using an Android, often has it turned off. Thanks. That may solve the mystery.

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