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    Help with CopyClip?
    I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with CopyClip and can answer a question I have about it. I've downloaded the software and it records what I copy, and it pastes the copied text when I click on it. However, the keyboard shortcuts to paste a given piece of text don't work. It would be much more efficient for me if I could paste some text with a keyboard shortcut instead of having to use the mouse to select it every time. Does anyone know how to paste text from CopyClip using keyboard shortcuts? Thanks.

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    Help with CopyClip?
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    Did you download CopyClick2, the latest version, and pay the US$7.99 registration fee? It is common for some features not to work in an unregistered copy.,

    What operating system do you use as this nis compatible with OS X.8 and later? Here is the link to CopyClick2:-
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    I assume you meant CopyClip 2 when you said CopyClick. Anyway, no, I've been using CopyClip Version 1.9. So I guess that's an old version. I'll try downloading CopyClip 2.

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    I downloaded CopyClip 2 and it seems to be working fine so far. I can press ctrl+Space to open the CopyClip 2 window and then cmd+[number] to paste the text I want. Thanks.

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    OP... thanks for mentioning this software. Sounds like this has solved my issue with intending to paste something then copying something else so the clipboard content is lost :p

    sounds like you asked for help but also helped me lol

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