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    Deleting Photos from the Finder
    iMac, El Capitan

    Have about 1000 photos to view and selectively delete.

    What I want to do is display them with the Finder option, select all, option spacebar, and view all in Grid so all are visible.

    I can see them and want to delete as needed.

    I do not want to import them into Photos. I don't want them in my Library.

    How do I do this.


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    I'm assuming these photos are not all in one directory, but within various sub-directories.

    1. Click on the highest parent directory that you know all the photos are under in Finder
    2. Click COMMAND+F to pull up a search window
    3. Click the + button on the right and change the Kind to IMAGE (all images within the selected directory should now display)
    4. Change the view type to Grid

    Unlike the following image, don't type anything in the search field because you want ALL images, not just ones with a certain name.
    Also be sure the directory you chose is selected, not "This Mac."
    iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) - 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
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