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    Aperture app - what to do for the future?
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    Nick, Photos will definitely make a hash of your organized structure. But then again, it's storing the images in a database, probably relational, so the order IT uses does not matter. It reads the metadata to organize the pictures and then allows you to assemble them into albums any way you want. But the unprocessed list of photos are, like a relational database, totally unordered. It's the indexing that you can set up that helps with the finding of the pictures you want. So, as I said, if one (not you, you are happy with LR) were to leave the photos in the organized folders and just use Photos as an editor, one could have both organization of files and tools to edit images. All that Photos would hold would be the edited versions, not the originals. And those edited versions could be exported back to files, if one were to want to do that.

    If I were to criticize Photos, it's that the native view of the images is that random relational order of the database. When I imported my pictures into Photos I didn't realize that it was natively going to show them in the order it imported them, so they are a real hash. I have them sorted now into albums, moments, locations and people, so they are "organized" for viewing, but in the database, they are still all jumbled. I've learned not to care, as Photos will arrange them easily enough for me. But the programmers of Photos could have given options for that default view, including one that would be "as imported" for those who want that view. I suppose they think they did that with the Library views of Memories, People, Places, but the default seems to be the imported order, which for the average user is pretty much useless.

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    Aperture app - what to do for the future?
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    I want to thank all of you for your kind remarks and advice. My reticence so far has largely been because I realise that there aren't many members out there who still use, or possibly have used, Aperture.

    I'm faced with either having a trial of creating a second Photos library into which I import Aperture and see what that renders in the way of useful organisation and retention of basic metadata

    Or - for there is no rush - leave things as they are, working fine in macOS High Sierra and wait till later next year and get a new iMac with macOS Mojave pre-installed. Use it as my main computer and keep my current one as a BU with Aperture intact as is.

    Over many years, when I have purchased a new iMac, I have always donated the old one to deserving folks who could never afford one themselves. It is a joyous thing to see how this changes the lives of young people and offers opportunities in their education and development.

    Maybe, this one time, I'll retain my "old" iMac because Aperture holds nearly 30 years of work-related (medical) imaging which I don't want to lose and which I still require for teaching and scientific publications.

    I'd like to keep this thread open just in case an Aperture user has found a way of integrating its contents into another application whilst retaining the Album and Folder structure along with the metadata.

    Thanks to all.


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    Aperture app - what to do for the future?
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    Nick, I am a hobby photographer with many photos (not at your level) sorted on what works for me using win folders. In process of moving to mac. I have been using photoshop elements, would lightroom do/be similar? I do also shoot in nikon raw too.

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    Aperture app - what to do for the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyC View Post
    Nick, I am a hobby photographer with many photos (not at your level) sorted on what works for me using win folders. In process of moving to mac. I have been using photoshop elements, would lightroom do/be similar? I do also shoot in nikon raw too.
    Hi Kenny

    I moved from PSE to LR and PS a few years back and yes, LR is a much more powerful tool for editing and cataloguing images.

    Good luck with the switch :-)


    PS it's fine for Nikon. I use Fujifilm cameras now and LR is not so good with their files, so I started using Capture One for some raw editing.

    Johann Gambolputty de Von Ausfern....of Ülm

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