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    iCloud and Documents and "server"
    I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, a 27 inch iMac and a 21 inch iMac. I had them all syncing and storing on the iCloud. Of course this sets up a "server". I tired and disliked Two-Factor Authentication and have turned that off. But I also am starting to dislike my documents being on the Cloud. Is there any issue with turning off iCloud storage on just the MacBook?

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    Be careful with this because doing it the wrong way will end up causing you to lose your documents. So assuming that all of your devices always used iCloud for documents storage, you should first backup that data before making any changes.

    Once you've done a backup, go to your MBP and System Preferences->iCloud->iCloud Drive and uncheck the first option which says "Desktop & Documents on iCloud". This will now create a separate Desktop and Documents on the MBP from what's on iCloud. Any files added here will remain locally only. You can still access the stuff up on iCloud by going to Finder->iCloud Drive->Documents or Desktop.

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