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    iMazing 2 on sale
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    iMazing 2 on sale
    I don't normally post a thread recommending an application. However, iMazing 2 is one of those must have applications if you own an iPhone or iPad as it basically replaces what iTunes formerly did.

    Currently it is on sale from the Macworld Magazine store. Normally it would cost $44.99 for a single license. You can buy it from the Macworld store for $20.

    Go here to buy.

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    iMazing 2 on sale
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    iMazing 2 on sale

    +1 recommendation.

    Definitely an excellent purchase price saving offer.

    That also seems to be a SUPER BUY that's actually a multi-user license.

    - Patrick
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    iMazing 2 on sale
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    Best app of its type I've ever come across.

    I have no affiliation with the company nor any financial interest in it. I've tried a few similar apps and iMazing is by far the best - personal opinion, of course.


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