I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I've trawled the internet and the forums to no avail.

I have had a Nano and Nike+ for a few months and it has been fine. I went out for a run today and when I got back the iPod just froze on the run results screen. I tried everything but in the end had to reset it, and lost the run data for today's run. This is particularly annoying as it was the farthest I've done and I smashed all my personal bests.

I've found various sites with people who've had the same problem and I found this which appears to show how to get the data back. The problem is, I'm running Mac OSX on an aluminium MacBook and those instructions are only for Windows.

I do have a PC but I need to format my iPod to work with it, and would this mean I'd lose all the data and music on it?

Or if anyone could tell me if it's possible to basically do what that website says but in OSX I'd be grateful, and also if anyone knows how? I really don't want to lose this run

Sorry for the Essay!