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    Notifications on lock screen

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    Notifications on lock screen
    This morning I opened my SE and in the lag time from pushing the home button (when the lock screen appears) and the home screen appearing I saw some sort of message. This was not a text message nor any other notification from my messaging apps. I have all other notifications turned off. Once the home screen appeared there was no message waiting. No missed calls, nothing. Phone was 70% charged.
    Any ideas what this could have been? And no I don’t use drugs so hallucinations are out of the question! but maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, I thought it was the name of someone I used to “know” and is no longer in my contacts.

    This is not serious but I was curious...

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    Notifications on lock screen
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    This does happen to me as well on rare occasions. I've never got the details, but wondered if it was a partially deleted something from the past. I must say that I lack your curiosity, but I have a suggestion which is harmless and might solve the "problem".

    From the Home Screen, hold down the Power Button until you see the black screen and the Power Off slider. At this point, press and hold down the Home Button until the Home Screen appears once more.

    This process clears out your iPhone's RAM.

    No harm and, who knows, possible benefit?

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    Sometimes you get notifications from apps if you enable these notifications

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