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    Random photo appeared on my mother iphone - HELP

    My mother just freaked out because a photo of a random dude appeared on her phone photo library. It obviously wasnt a photo she took and i already checked her whatsapp and there's no such photo in any of her conversations.

    Also the picture was saved on 2 am...

    That's just weird.

    Does anyone have any idea of what that could be?

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    Random photo appeared on my mother iphone - HELP
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    Does her phone have AirDrop turned on? If it is on and swt to receive files from "everyone" that could be the source of the problem. See here. Although the article mentions a relatively harmless use of the technology, the original article that I read some months ago raised the poosibility of a wide variety of information being sent -- including X rated material.

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    Google images search for the rescue!!!

    Tried searching that weird image on google images - images search and that returned a result from a legit news source website that's the origin of that picture. The article is about a drug dealer arrest and the picture in question is he doing some work out in the gyn (no wonder she freaked out lol).... I further inquired her and she said she woke up in the middle on the night but don't remeber if she used the phone.... She probably accessed half asleep that website (local cnn like) and saved that picture without noticing. lol

    skydude thanks a lot

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