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    6s unresponsive screen
    My friend has a Iphone 6s with a unresponsive screen.. It no work
    I have tried the 4 or 5 (fixes) that show up on the net, no fix it.
    So yes i can replace the screen and digitizer, NP, If I do I'll replace the battery also

    But I would like to see if there is a way of installing IOS 12 on the phone.

    So we know I can not get into the phone via the touch screen...

    Is there a way of using a cabled external keyboard, ( can't use bluetooth)

    I did read about using an older version of (Itunes) since the newer version no longer
    support this install.

    I downloaded but have not installed version 10. x . x

    Does anyone have any other suggestions..

    BTW the screen is not damaged in anyway...

    One thing I found funny in trying to find an answer to this situation is that in some anwers
    they say "slide" the off key, or open setting!!!! funny answer when the question has to do
    with a touch screen not working..

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    6s unresponsive screen
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    Might be a good time for your friend to think about buying a new iPhone. As far as I'm aware, I do not know of a method of attaching a cabled external keyboard in order to enter the phone. And why do you want to install iOS 12 when the phone is obviously not working?

    And why do you think the current version of iTunes does not support installing iOS 12? Because it does.

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    I'm sure your correct... just fishing for answers... she has an 7 plus...but want's to know what is up with
    this one...
    anyway, thanks for your input

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