Apple has instituted a new form of Apple Care Plus for its 2018 iPhones and any other iPhones that they still sell.

Apple Care Plus can now be purchased to include theft and loss in addition to the normal conditions and repairs that might be needed. However, the cost for the theft and loss protection is quite a bit higher. See the following lineup from Forbes which includes prices.

One more thing that prospective buyers of the new Apple Care Plus will need to know: The new Apple Care Plus which includes theft and loss is provided by a third party insurance company and not Apple itself. Apparently, Apple has contracted this out since they (Apple) is not an insurance company.

There is a rather long thread over at MacRumors about the company (insurer) and their methods that you might be interested in reading before deciding on which form of Apple Care Plus you decide to buy for your new iPhone. The entire jist of the thread is "buyer beware".

Have fun.