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    How to remove screen protector residue?
    Screen protector is a good stuff to prevent and shields iPhone from scratches, damages and dust. I too had one on my iPhone, but when I took it off, it left all of the stick residue on the iPhone. Looking for an easy and effective way to get it off completely without any damage.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How to remove screen protector residue?
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    before I found invisible shield , i also used a cheap protector that left a sticky residue and found that a glass cleaner wipe squeezed so almost dry worked very well.

    Hope this helped

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    How to remove screen protector residue?

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    If it's a really sticky situation........just get some "Ooops" or "Goof Off", some solvent, dilute it if it makes you nervous (Should be perfectly fine since it is a glass screen), and apply it to a microfiber, then wipe the screen, it's made for that kind of stuff

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    How to remove screen protector residue?
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    Goof Off is pretty good stuff. To use something you may already have around the house, you can try regular old rubbing alcohol on the glass.

    Wouldn't rub a lot on the plastic as it can soften some plastics.
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    If you have iKlear it works great. I use it on my MBP, iPod and iPhone 3GS

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