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    Facetime/iPad: can't add contact....
    a friend who owns an iPad asked me for help adding a contact in FaceTime, but I couldn't!! you're supposed to click on "+" sign on top right, then a form with two fields is supposed to appear (I saw it on a video on YouTube), where you enter the name and the phone number, but on this iPad, when I click on the "+" sign the form doesn't appear, so I can't add the contact...

    I would appreciate suggestions....

    thank you...

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    Facetime/iPad: can't add contact....
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    Why not just add the contact, in the Contacts app?
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    Facetime/iPad: can't add contact....
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    Bob is absolutely right.

    Add the name and phone details of the person in Contacts. Presuming they have an iDevice (a must for Face time), you will see under their name, 4 circles: message - call - video (ie Face Time) - mail.

    Your friend then goes to Contacts, selects the name and taps on video to initiate the FT call.


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    thank you for your replies.. I will try what you suggest...

    have a great weekend...

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