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    Arrow ipad air 2 display problems
    I woke up this morning to a host of display problems, and i have no idea what you would call some of this, so the usual google diagnosis technique doesnt show anything useful...

    Colours are scrambled, looks like random parts of images are colour-inverted(mostly darker sections), but not the entire image.

    The colours on the app icons are faded and dull.

    Random blocks of text are grey, with very thin edges remaining black.

    Something that looks like CRT burn-in is happening whenever i leave the screen for a couple minutes, but its not permanent and a new burn-in happens if i leave it on something else.

    Is there a setting i need to flip or is it time to get it replaced/fixed?

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    ipad air 2 display problems
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    Have you tried and basic troubleshooting?

    Hard Restart?
    Connect to iTunes?

    Se if any of these troubleshooting tips help., or this,
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