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    iphone 5s is now disabled because of too many pw attempts :(

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    iphone 5s is now disabled because of too many pw attempts :(
    l tried itunes method, but it says 'Itunes could not connect to this iphone. The value is missing' l think it might be because it has a 'dead' non retrievable icloud account? cut to chase, the icloud account's email etc are no longer available. On the youtube l saw that there is a method by downloading a software , 3utool, and it seems ideal. has anyone heard of this software? will it erase all my important data my 5s? it makes no mention of downloading to mac computers only pcs. please comment.cheers

    Does anyone know if 3u tools work on mac osx? l dont have a pc though can use the libraries , / any other software for macs?

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    The question of course is why did you try to enter the wrong password that many times? It warns you after a number of incorrect attempts that you have to wait an increasing amount of time until it eventually locks out. Once that's happened, the assumption is that this was not your device and as such iTunes will not help you. The Apple Store has a way of unlocking the phone if you can prove ownership and so on.

    That 3u tool looks to be used for jailbreaking, but either way, follow whatever article/tutorial/video you found for that tool and see what happens. But you're really on your own with this.

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