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    Numbers Pop-up Menu Problem
    Does anyone know how to edit an existing popup menu in the new update. Every time I select the cell then hit the paint brush, I scroll down to pop-up menu and hit the “i” with a circle around it. It used to then show me the existing categories I set up and allow me to add or rearrange the order, now it just defaults to “item 1,item 2, item 3” and does not show my custom categories. If I have to add a category to an existing cell, I have to enter all the other ones again manually along with the new one. This cannot be right. Am I missing something? This just seems very counter intuitive. I use this mainly for budgeting and I have a lot of categories on this spreadsheet.

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    I’m having the exact same problem.

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    While I don’t have a proper fix, I do have a workaround that I just found:

    “In a spare table or column, enter the values that you want to populate the Pop-up.
    Select those cells.
    Format Panel > Cell > Data Format > Pop-Up Menu”

    I tried it and it works great. Even when this bug is fixed, I’ll probably use this technique to populate my pop-up menus anyway. (This is a nasty bug. I don’t get why I’m not finding more comments around about it.)

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    Numbers Pop-up Menu Problem
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    Thanks for posting the work around. Not too many folks use Numbers for spreadsheet work. Most are still Excel users.

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    This is a great work around! Thanks for posting. This was driving me crazy.

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    Glad itÂ’s been useful. Definitely an annoying bug.

    IÂ’m happy to know about this technique anyway. It makes it easier to globally update pop-up cells with a modified list without having to fuss over restoring the target cellsÂ’ original values. Before, when updating by pasting an updated pop-up cell into a target cell, this would overwrite whatever element of the list was already there (unless the value of the source cell was already the same as the target cell). Now, it updates the list of a cell while preserving the value already there. If the value of the cell is not in the list youÂ’re replacing it with, it simply adds the new value to the list.

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