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    Always check the simple stuff first
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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Hi Dave:

    Your photo reminds of the 2 1/2 years I spent living in Las Vegas during my military days. Good friend of mine retired there and went to work for the company which maintains the gaming machines for the casinos. We were both technicians in the military at the time.
    I've been in Las Vegas a few times and had mixed experience with the gaming machines. In the casinos, more times than none, I ended up loosing. On the other hand, I won at the airports' gaming machines while waiting for boarding my plain. In one occasion, I almost missed my plain.

    In my view, the gaming machines are rigged at the airport for you to win and leave Las Vegas with a positive experience.

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    Always check the simple stuff first
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    I am still happy with my iPhone 6S+, although a lot of the time I make do with my old iPhone SE as it fits in my back pocket more easily and I can safely sit down with it there.

    I assume to get the same screen size as my iPhone 6S+ I would need one of the new iPhone X models?

    I really can't justify spending over 1,000 for a device like that, especially now I am retired

    Lucky Slydude

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