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    My Mac suddenly cannot connect to the internet
    So I turned on my mac this morning and no internet..
    Everything was working fine yesterday
    I can connect to the modem, but that's as far as I get..
    My wifi devices all work OK and I also have an old windows and a mac laptop ( which I am using now to type this post) which also both work fine. So I assume the modem is OK..
    First I will explain my home setup a little.
    I have 3 devices that are connected to a modem via ethernet.
    1. Smart TV which is still working fine.
    2. Second connection in another room works fine when a laptop is connected
    3. Office connection with my main mac ..this is the problem..
    This mac running sierra has not internet. I have checked the cable by plugging it into a laptop and it works fine I can connect to the internet.
    I have checked the networks settings, there is an ip address assigned plus subnet etc.. the network settings panel indicates there is an ethernet connection active. Cannot ping anything further than the modem. Have rebooted the mac and modem many times, renewed DHCP Lease, changed cables.
    Should also mention that no firewall is in use.
    Nothing so far seems to work.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this, and why would things suddenly stop working?
    Thanks in advance..
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    My Mac suddenly cannot connect to the internet
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    Welcome to our forums.

    You haven't given us any specs for the iMac: Year and Model?

    Have you tried resetting the SMC and NVRAM for the iMac? I'm assuming from your statement above that the iMac is connected to the modem via an ethernet cable? Have you tried connecting the iMac via WiFi?

    Lastly: Click on your Apple symbol upper left corner, and select About this Mac, System Report, Hardware. Check to see if it shows your Airport Card and other stats.

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