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    Question Airport Extreme Base Station, alternatives?

    So, I'm now a probable switcher, but have been really investigating the powerbook g4's accessories-of which the Airport Extreme base station seemed most impressive.

    Until I research it's performace, that is. I'm aware that at times manufacturers may exaggerate claims (IE: the 4.5 hour advertised battery life on a 15" g4 powerbook), but I couldn't imagine that the AP Extreme would be so overrated. Yet, there it was in print, and ruining my dreams of wireless internet connectivity...

    And what's worse, I head over to the local Comp-USA and test out their powerbooks coupled with the Airport Extreme Base Station, and I was consistently dropped from a distance of less than 15 feet. Not good. The local Apple store wouldn't comment on the reviews that I took in, simply quoting the APextreme specs. I noticed that the display models were all plugged directly into a LAN, so I couldn't test further.

    My goal is simply to take one G4 powerbook and be able to surf the net wirelessly from anywhere in my home, nothing else. However, I'm hesitant to invest $199 in something reviewed this poorly. Are there any alternatives to APextreme? (I will have only the one powerbook accessing, no other computers, no network).

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Airport Extreme Base Station, alternatives?
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    I have no problems with my Airport Extreme base. At CompUSA I'm sure there's a ton of interference so the range is not going to be good.

    Airport Extreme is the same as any wireless 802.11g router...same speeds, roughly the same distances. In my opinion though, Airport Extreme is the easiest to use and works seamlessly with Apple computers.
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    this was a question i had too. why would anyone spend $200 on an Airport when you can get a Linksys for about $80?

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    Maybe apple's is built strong? That or they are jsut charging you for the looks and style. And it's made by apple so some people are fooled that it is the only router that works with a mac, then apple just makes money. Made by apple, built for apple... ?

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    u can just use any wierelss router prob

    edit i think the airport extreme base station can control your whole houses music or something too..

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    Airport Extreme Base Station, alternatives?
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    Airport is just guaranteed to work with Apple systems. Apple computer + Apple wireless card + Apple wireless base station = 100% Compatibility. But just like any other Apple product, it's more expensive than the other stuff. And design is a facter when it comes to price.
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    Airport Extreme Base Station, alternatives?
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    Also the Apple Extreme Base Station will NOT work wirelessly as a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) with any non-Apple router except Linksys.

    So if you have a Linksys router currently and you want to either use the Base Station to extend your wireless network or act as a remote base station then you won't have any problems, however, if you have any other non-Apple branded router then they won't work together.

    Found this answer from 1) searching the support forums over at 2) Apple Tech Support via phone and 3) DLink tech support via phone.

    Just an FYI
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    Not sure where that last post came from, but ok. I'm not planning on using any other computers or routers.

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