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Thread: Sharing Photos

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    Sharing Photos
    HI there

    Both my wife and I have separate Apple ID's.

    I realize I can create a new album that can be shared between us, however I am wondering about a few other options.

    1. The Photos account was originally synced to my Apple ID. I really enjoy that any photos I take on my iPhone automatically upload to that account seamlessly. Is there anyway I could set that up for my wife? I realize she could constantly be putting things in the shared folder, just wondering if there is something that could be done seamlessly as it happens on my phone.

    2. Is there any way I give her access to ALL the photos in the account, or is it only those in the shared folder. For example My son is now 10. I have a 8th birthday party album that was created 2 years ago. Is there anyway I can just give her access or do I have to create a new shared photo album? Its not so much that its hard to do, just trying to avoid double folders when I am looking at Photos on my Mac


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    Sharing Photos
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    Sharing Photos
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    Do you have the “Share” button option in Photos? I just did this a few days ago with my mother in laws iPad. Selected a folder in Photos (or maybe I just used Finder), used the “Share” button and her ipad showed up as an option.
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