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    iMovie vs Premiere Elements 2018

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    iMovie vs Premiere Elements 2018
    I'm currently using iMovie for making short (sub 5-minute) videos for YouTube and have an opportunity to buy Premiere Elements 2018 at an upgrade price as I have an old license for it. Does anyone on here use Premiere Elements 2018 and can compare it to iMovie and comment on whether it is worth purchasing?

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    iMovie vs Premiere Elements 2018
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    I am not being facetious when I ask you this:

    Is iMovie doing everything you want in making/editing your videos for YouTube?

    If "Yes", then why waste money (large or small) on purchasing another product, then (presumably) having to learn how to use it?

    If the answer is "No", tell us in what respects iMovie fails to meet your requirements and we can tell you either how to achieve this in iMovie - or - advise you whether PE 2018 could do better.


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